We recognize that the recent incidents of police brutality that have spurred protests around the world are not the result of an isolated incident, but are rather the result of pervasive systemic racism.  We stand with the protestors and all of our colleagues who are under attack.  The editor and editorial board of Dental Anthropology are committed to supporting our BIPOC colleagues as well as promoting and showcasing research that is diverse in terms of methods and theory as well as authorship.  We aim to use this platform as a means to move past the racist history of biological anthropology through thoughtful and engaged research.  We are dedicated to rejecting work that normalizes white privilege or promotes antiquated and racist views of human variation.  Our hope is to listen, learn, and educate as we move forward.  We welcome open dialogue and any suggestions for how we can do better.  We encourage our readership to reach out as we all reflect on our own roles in addressing and confronting white supremacy and racism.