Inheritance of Bilateral Fusion of the Lower Central and Lateral Incisors: A Pedigree of a Maya Family from Yucatan, Mexico.

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Francisco D. Gurri
Gilberto Balam


A pedigree with five individuals exhibiting bilateral fusion of lower central and lateral incisors is described. It is the first pedigree ever published presenting this condition, and the individuals affected are the 6th through 10th cases in the literature. Bilateral fusion of the lower central incisors may be the consequence of an autosomal dominant gene in this family. Crown height and mesiodistal measurements on the permanent dentition of the affected individuals were compared to the same measurements taken on unaffected persons in their population. Buccolingual and mesiodistal measurements on the deciduous dentition were compared to published means for populations around the world. Fusion was associated with a genetic tendency towards tooth reduction, affecting tooth number in the jaw, and overall size. It also was concluded, as suggested by previous investigators, that fusion and gemination are under separate genetic control.