Dental Anthropology at the University of Geneva

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Suzanne Eades
Jocelyne Desideri


This article presents research currently being conducted in the field of dental anthropology at the Department of Anthropology and Ecology of the University of Geneva, Switzerland. The first author, S. Eades, is carrying out a doctoral thesis on the familiality of dental morphological traits and their use as “familial” indicators in the case of multivariate and univariate analyses of interindividual distances. Her methods are based on the modern collection of Burlington (Ontario), and her results shall be applied to the Protohistorical necropolis of Kerma (Sudan) and the Neolithic multiple graves of Chamblandes (Switzerland). The second author, J. Desideri, began her graduate work on an interpopulational comparison of Swiss Neolithic populations based on their dental morphology. She is currently undertaking a doctoral thesis on the same problem, but tackling the whole of Europe.