Sex Dimorphism in the Deciduous Dentition of Modern Pima

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Annalisa Alvrus


A sample of primary teeth from a Pima Native American population was measured to determine the presence and amount of sex dimorphism. An average percent sex dimorphism of 2.40 was found. The finding is in accord with the findings of other researchers of low sex dimorphism in the primary dentition. The percent sex dimorphism for the primary dentition of the Pima was compared to percentages for the primary dentitions of a Caucasian and an Australian population. The amount of sex dimorphism in the Pima was found to be less than that in the Australians, but greater that that in the Caucasians. Finally, the hypothesis that the amount of sex dimorphism in primary and secondary dentitions is similar was tested and found to be true for this population of Pima.