An contextualized enamel growth rate and thickness data set collected from British populations spanning the past 2000 years.

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Christopher Aris


This article represents an open repository of human enamel data collected/reconstructed from seven populations covering a 2000 year time period in Britain via five temporally distinct periods. In total data was collected from 285 permanent teeth, including maxillary and mandibular first molars, and maxillary canines and first incisors. Data was gathered through thin histological methods using standard procedures for sectioning human dental material. In regards to enamel growth, data is collected for daily secretion rates (DSRs) for the inner, mid, and outer areas of lateral and cuspal enamel. For enamel thickness average (AET) and relative (RET) enamel thickness, cuspal linear thickness (CT), and lateral linear thickness (LT) was collected. Alongside the data presented this article also provides clear and transparent explanations for all the methods involved in its production, in order to ensure understanding of the rigorous protocol and consistency associated with the data provided. The novel data is also contextualised with a compilation of equivalent data published in past articles.